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5 Best cloud storage 2020 for photos that remove storage tension !

5 Best cloud storage 2020 for photos that remove storage tension !

Google Photos

Google Photos may be a very fashionable thanks to save photos online. This app gives you backup of unlimited photos up to 16 megapixel resolution, that's also absolutely free. Users using Android and iOS can easily attend the online directly through aside from photos, you'll use Google Photo App to save lots of videos with unlimited 1080 pixel resolution. Google Photos recently received an update, after which the app added manual face tagging and personal messaging features.

Downloads: Android | IOS


If for a few reason you are doing not want to use Google Photos app to save lots of your photos, then Dropbox is that the option for you. during this app you get features like camera upload and screenshot backup. Dropbox cloud storage is out there on Android and iOS platforms, aside from this you'll also use it online through during this app you get 2 GB free storage. Users can choose plans with cloud storage up to three TB. Dropbox claims that the app supports quite 35 image file types. there's a photograph tab next thereto , with which you'll search the content of your choice.

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Apple Photos

For those that are iPhone or iPad users, Apple Photos is that the best choice . Apple Photo provides you up to five GB of cloud storage through iCloud, during which you'll store photos and videos. aside from this, you'll also use iCloud Photos feature in your iPhone. For this, you've got to travel to Settings and attend Photo. then Apple will automatically save your photos and videos to your cloud storage. aside from this, paid iCloud plans also are available, during which you're given storage up to 2 TB. there's no separate app for Apple Photos for Android users. But they will access their iCloud account by visiting on their device.

Microsoft onedrive

For some reason you can't use Google Photos, Dropbox and iCloud to store your photos or videos, Microsoft OneDrive is made for you. Microsoft gives you up to five GB of free One Drive cloud storage, though it's just for first-time signing-in users. aside from this, if you've got an Office 365 account, you'll also increase your storage by 1 TB by connecting thereto . OneDrive comes with the camera backup feature, so it automatically uploads photos and videos to your account.

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The last app that you simply can include in your list is 'Box'. This app gives you cloud storage of up to 10 GB with 250 MB per file limit. you'll easily upload your favorite photos using the Box app. This app also allows full screen preview of 200 file types. aside from this, many files available on the box account are often shared through a link.

Downloads: Android | IOS

With the app, it's quite convenient to store photos online by getting cloud storage access. However, there are many sorts of risks with such storage, like being hacked. Hackers can very easily view and download stored pictures and videos by your cloud account. For this it's necessary that you simply put necessary security on your account.

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