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Aarogya Setu Mobile App: How to use Aarogya Setu App ?

Aarogya Setu Mobile App: How to use Aarogya Setu App ?

The Prime Minister for prevention of Corona Virus, in COVID-19 or privately language, has been extended till May 3 by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. thanks to this, he has also suggested to use every Indian after downloading the Aarogya Setu application made by the Indian government.

This is a app which has been launched by the Indian government on 2nd of April.

So I've gone through it one of my cousins actually sent me this app and then told me this is Very Usefull App.

So let's go ahead see the app first and then we'll be talking about who is this app for what it actually does and how it works so we'll be going into the technical side of it.

With the help of this application, you can know from the sitting of home how much you are afraid of getting infected with Covid 19 virus or whether there is an infected person around you. So let's know how you can use this application?

Highlights of Aarogya Setu application:-

This App Support Android And iphone Both operating system.

First of all, You download this application. After this, you have to answer some questions like your complete details like Name, Age, information like Gender, where you got infected or what symptoms you are seeing, you have not traveled abroad.

This app will help you to protect yourself from the infected persons from coronavirus.

So it's a purposeful feature Like how you can test sitting at your home as well regarding the symptoms of Corona Virus and how you can protect yourself from the infected persons from Corona Virus.

But this is not entirely possible because -

- Users can also enter their data.

- People shouldn't download the appliance due to the privacy rate.

- People don't realize any such application.

- Some users still don't use smartphones.

- But those that can install the appliance should also make the people around

- Them conscious of this application as a crucial task.

How To Use Aarogya Setu application ?

1. Install the application from Play Store or Apple App Store.

Just confirm you're downloading it from NICE GOV mobile apps

There are tons of other ones on the App Store if you search with an equivalent name you will find tons of them those are all not from the govt it's from Other people so this is often the one that you simply need to install.

2. Once you put in it this is often often how it'll appear as if this is the setup screen now it'll ask you which of them language you would like to use this app.

- So you have 11 languages available.

- So I'll choose English and do next so after that this is the information that you'll see.

- So the initial screen will show you this message

- So this will actually explain how this actually works.

- So this is the first screen.

This is the other so it'll hunt your look together with your location and Bluetooth information it'll create a graph and then track everyone who has installed this app then if anyone gets Corona or is infected then whoever came in touch with them within the last 14 days it'll inform them to self quarantine and go and obtain yourself checked.

Second thing it does is that if it knows that in this area there are tons of individuals who have Corona or you're during a corona infected area then it will actually show you that graph it will show you a not a graph it's like a sonar kind of a thing in which it will show you green color red color it will show you that which zone are you in high-risk zone or a safe zone so right now I'm in a safe zone but there would be chances that you simply could be during a high-risk zone so it'll tell you that.

3. Read the knowledge So it shows you how to actually use it install the app switch on Bluetooth on location and locations sharing should always be on so it has to be on always not when I use the app and there are a lot of settings we'll be looking at that.

So this is often how it's alleged to work.

4. Now you've got a register now button so you press register now then you get this information so it'll ask you for permission for your device location Bluetooth and data sharing And continue Agree.
Now it will ask me for my phone number so I'll have to put in my phone and then I will hit submit now once I do that it'll send me the OTP now the OTP has come onto my phone it automatically took it and registered me.

5. Fill in your personal information.

6. Answer all the questions asked during this 20-second sleaf test.

The application reports supported the answers to your questions, how is your health. If you're on high risk or high risk area condition, then this application will call you on the 1075 toll number for the closest test center to check you. also will give suggestions.

9. In the image shown above, you'll see the PM CARES donation option additionally to other options available on the appliance like safety instruction and video.The homepage of the app looks like so right now I'm in safe zone.

So it shows me in the Green Zone right now. after that it has two options below Corona help centers and self-assessment test. now I will hit on help center it will give me all the numbers all over India in case I have some doubts so I can actually call any of those numbers and talk to them.


So let's talk about what does this app actually do so now in layman's term.

Right now what the problem that we have is even if we go outside the house our biggest fear is we don't know who has Corona and if we get in touch with someone so like 10 days back I met someone or I didn't even meet someone I actually passed by someone and that person had corona.

who I don't know I mean I have no information about that person and he's an unknown person to me now if he has Corona are going to be i will be able to not know in order that is that the problem and that i will be infecting my entire family and whoever i'm going and meeting,

so what Government of India has done is they've actually made this app where everyone go and register themselves. so once you register yourself now your moment is being tracked so it's been put in a map. now whenever they find anyone who has coronavirus in the last 14 days who ever came in contact with that person or came near that person in an infected area it will send a message to all of them that you know this person which you actually met or who has corona was there like 10 days back you actually passed by him.

Okay so the verdict very good app very good initiative from the government but for this to work we the people have to actually register and we have to be responsible enough to give all the permission.

don't be in the hang of that it's I mean I have friends and family who actually think that location service will allow government to track us and all these things so please don't be in that mindset.

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