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How to Enable Ultimate Performance Power Plan Mode in Windows 10 [HIgh Performance]

How to Enable Ultimate Performance Power Plan Mode in Windows 10 [HIgh Performance]

Hi, Their guys today I’m gonna show you, How To make your computer perform even faster.

Before We start I hope you have familiar with Windows 10 Power plans and how they gonna affect your computer’s performance. 

Normally We have 3 different Power Plans Available in the Windows by default and those are Balanced, High performance and Power saver Power plans.

The default power plan choice of the windows would be the balanced option. 

So if you check for the currently Enable power plan on your control panel it would be the balanced option. For a quick boost, You can quickly choose the high-performance power plan, it may also be hidden under the additional plans tab.

So be sure to check there as well. but wait we have a more powerful power plan hidden inside the windows 10 itself, before we get to that please understand these three power plans in more details.

So that you can understand how much further we can take your performance using the Ultimate performance mode or power plan. 

Let being with the Balanced power plan: 

Balance Power plan will be balancing performance with energy usage on your computer hardware’s, for example, your CPU or GPU, So you will not gonna get the maximum potential of your hardware because it sometimes compromises the performance for the energy usage of the capable hardware. Next, we have the power saver option which is ideal if you are very sensitive towards your energy usage, by enabling this, your hardware can only achieve poor performance compared to the other power plans. 

If you are a very light windows user, of course, you can use it. But think if you
invest some serious money into your computer hardware expecting it to perform faster.
Then this is the worst choice you can make for your computer, personally, I won’t go
for this. I mean come on; who would want their computer hardware perform way too less
than it is capable. 

High Performance:

So we have the most powerful plan amongst the available power plans.
It is a great choice If you are really serious about your computer hardware performance, especially if you are the person who does some heavy workloads or hardcore gaming on the system. Just Enable the High-performance power plan and it will favor your computers hardware performance over the energy usage.

But this is not the end of what you can do to make your hardware happier,
there is an even more powerful power plan. 

How to Enable the Ultimate Performance Power Plan:

The Ultimate performance mode. I only recommend this for the power users and you won’t gonna find it in here until we do a little trick.

So let’s go ahead and unveil the hidden monster, the ultimate power mode.  

Before we do that please make your windows 10 is up to date, if it’s not run an update, because you might find it difficult to Enable the ultimate power plan, if your using an older build of Windows 10.

  • Go to your Start button and right click on it, which will bring you this menu.
  • Choose Windows PowerShell with admin rights (Or CMD). It may ask for permission, so click yes, and you will see the PowerShell window.

  • Now type the following command: powercfg –duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61 or you can simply copy this entire command line.

  • Now press enter and you will see another comment line with lots of confusing number and letters as before, and on the bracket, you will see the ultimate performance.

Which means we have successfully activated the Ultimate Performance mode on windows10.  

Now it’s just a matter of enabling it, So close the PowerShell window and move over to the start menu, now search power and click on edit power plan, with this battery icon.

Which will bring you to the control panel power options window, now will see the newly activated power plan.

  • Just click on the show additional plans tab and you will see the ultimate performance power plan.
  • Just go ahead an Enable it and you will experience the ultimate performance on your windows PC. 

This power plan can achieve the maximum level of performance inside your hardware limitations.

I highly recommend this if you're using a high-end PC.
Try using the new power plan, feel the difference your self.

In case you don’t like it, you can always go back to your older power plan as you wish. 

So that’s how you can Enable the ultimate performance mode on Windows 10.   

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