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How to Use COPYRIGHTED Music On Youtube Legally 2020

Whenever I have uploaded a song which can be from Bollywood or somewhere else. Many ask me "Does it not result in copyright claims?" or "Would it not be a copyright issue?

So, I thought I will create Post on the same. We discuss about copyrights.

➨ When it comes to Copyrights we may talk about 2 different things.

1. Our Copyright

2. How we can use materials which is copyrighted by others.

We will talk about the copyright of background music which is owned by someone else.

Meaning, How can we use other's songs in our videos?

The video may just be some slideshow. It can be a work of cinematography, but if its copyrighted then how can we use them. 

Also, all the discussion will be done from YOUTUBE perspective. 

➨ So, mainly we need to remember 3 things:

1 - Copyright FREE Music: which you can find in youtube and elsewhere

2 - Content ID copyright claims

3 - Copyright strikes

All the 3 are completely different and its very necessary for us to have a clear understanding on them.

So, without further do , let's start

Assume that you created a content and shared it on the public domain [Like Instagram,Facebook, Youtube] 

obviously, Now it has reached a lot of people. Now if someone uses it, especially on youtube.

You will have complete right:

➧ To get it removed from there

➧ Let it stay there and..

➧ Use it as a source of income

This is how the system works on you tube.

Basically, if you have created something original. which doesn't have original content of anyone else, if its purely yours then even without any registration, you will have copyrights over that material. 

Now, let's consider youtube creator's perspective meaning, we photographers and cinematographers or any youtube creator for that matter, who needs good music in the background which is the best option for him?

➨ Best thing to go for is copyright FREE music:

Even on Youtube we see a lot of channels which provides us copyright FREE music. 

Since the channel is known to a lot of people A lot of small original creators will submit their music to such channels. 

If you will use those music as background music in your videos then you don't have to worry at all. 

But it becomes your responsibility to mention about the channel and the original creator. 

And in most of the cases, this will only be the condition from those channels and creators. 

This is a very genuine request and we should always follow this. 

When you use copyright free music you don't have to worry about anything at all. 

If you earning on youtube then, you will continue to earn in such videos. 

➨ The second one is Copyright CLAIM on youtube:

Usually Big companies, specifically Music companies T-series, Yash Raj music and many more.

when a company becomes big youtube gives it an option to create a content ID. 

which means whatever song the company uploads on youtube, there will be a content ID associated .

If someone uses even a small portion of the song in the background Youtube gets to know and the uploader receives a copyright "CLAIM". 

➨ There can be different types of claims, I will not get into details,

But most likely these companies will let you use the music as background music but if you are a you-tuber who earns from Youtube.

Then most likely whatever money is gained from that video The entire money will be taken by the music companies.

The companies wouldn't want 100% restriction on that song to be used It cannot happen that a company that has produced the songs will not let you use it anywhere.

Obviously they would love for you to use it, But they do not want you to earn with the song that they have created with an investment.   

If the song is earning in anyway let the earnings come to us By using the background music or song the you-tuber may get fame, he may get more views, 

Get more subscribers but then its ok that advantage for the you-tuber is not a problem. but if the person is trying to earn then that money, instead of going to him the company takes it. I think it is fair enough.

There is 99% possibility that if you use a famous song be it Bollywood or something else as background music with Content ID match, you will get copyright claim.  

which will not hurt your channel in anyways You will have a message from youtube saying that there will be no impact on your channel But, you wont be able to earn.

In any of my videos, if you are listening to a known song as background music its very likely that I am not earning anything from that video Whatever is the earnings,

It will be taken by T-series, Zee Music, Yash raj films or any other famous Music company.

But you have to keep one thing in mind..! whenever you upload a song don't publish it right away.! Keep It in unlisted in sometime you will get the message in case of any issues If you feel it's only a copyright claim then you don't have to worry, you just wont earn with this video.  

Once you verify all details, you may go ahead and publish.

Some companies (usually the smaller ones) will put a lot of restrictions. In some cases you can use, all money will go to them, and sometime you will not be able to play in your mobile app you wont be able to view the video there. it will only play on web browsers. it may not play in some countries including your own and more (including 100% block the video) All these restrictions, companies can implement.

But all this will not come as a shock, when you upload the video as unlisted as the details will be shared with you after that you decide if you want to go ahead and publish it or not.  

You may also feel that you have taken so much pain in editing the cinematography video in a way that it syncs with the background music and now you can copyright claim, 

Where you don't earn, the video is unavailable in some countries, some may not be available on your mobile app.

With all these restrictions you wouldn't want to upload. 

➨ But your video is ready now..!! Now what?

So, there is always a way in dealing with this situation

➧ Create a Blank video,

➧ select your choice of background music,

Create a random video and upload it as an unlisted video.

In 10 - 15 mins you will be able to do this Once this is uploaded to youtube, then youtube will share all copyright details of the song. Now you have created a sample video, used it on youtube and checked the copyright details (in unlisted status)

when you are sure that using the music is safe only then you use it for actual editing.

In this way, you may use a song with Content ID match without earning any money Because all big companies claim the copyrights and don't give you a strike. 

So, you will see a lot of videos with Millions of views it could be of pre-wedding or anything else the background music can be very famous English song or a Bollywood song. the views keep increasing 3-4 years the video is intact and we wonder why there is no strike on such videos.

That's only because it has a copyright claim.

3 - Copyright strikes

Which will not appear as soon as you upload the video.

Small companies will not have content ids on youtube But sometimes when the companies browse over youtube OR when a video becomes viral then they realize that their songs ave been used.

Then they will have the options to apply a Copyright Strik and copyright strike on any channel is BAD.

Your channel may as well be suspended / closed if you have 3 copyright strikes.

Owner may have different ways of giving a strike on your channel.

Some of my videos were used and have been uploaded by someone on a random channel

➧ Youtube tracked it

➧ Youtube intimated me that

Part of my videos have been uploaded by someone else.

I could have given him a Copyright strike but we will also have an option to give the person an opportunity to request him to take the video off , else there will be a strike on this channel. 

Meaning, we are a bit soft on the person and giving him an opportunity. but a lot of them don't do that They get angry and right so.

We also have an option to let the video be there in the channel

If we don't have any problem with that you may get whatever the person earns if that channel is well known and earns a lot, you have an option. 

let the video be there, i will be known to a larger audience.
And i will the money as well. So, basically I will have options to choose and give a copyright strike on any other channel.
So, if you have liked any background music and you know it's not a free music there is no content ID match on youtube and if you have not taken right permission.

In that case you would live in fear if you used such music thinking about the repercussions in case the video goes viral and if this video goes viral, there are chances that the owner will watch this video there is a possibility then, that we get the copyright strike.

So, we will have to live with fear

➨ So, is there a way that we use the copyrighted material and there is no Strike.

There are 2 ways

1. Contact the owner of the music get a written permission ( email/ whatsapp) to use the song This permission is very important, this is not about making profits.

2. It's more about you using the music without the courtesy of requesting for permissions Asking for permission is a good gesture.

Most of the times, most people are happy to give you their songs. They will most likely ask you to mention about them/ their channel in their description Some may request you to put the name of the song on the title of the video They will be more than happy to give you the songs with some conditions Once you get the permission.

If the video goes viral and if video starts earning At this point, at least morally the copyright owner will have no right to put a strike on your channel In most cases the owner wouldn't,

In case you get the copyright strike, you can message to the youtube customer care and share the documented proofs of permission that you possess and you can remove the strike.

There is one more way of avoiding copyright strikes not so useful for photographers and cinematographers but then, you might have seen reaction videos you can pretty much watch an entire video.

➨ Why wont they get a strike even after using an entire video?

That's because youtube has a clause. If you are going to use a part of any video or an entire video and create a video of your own ABOUT THAT VIDEO.

Meaning, whatever you are saying and talking about the video if its like reviewing that content Or if its about discussing the characters in the video or a video whose experience is different from watching the original video.

Imagine , we are watching a reaction video We don't keep watching the actual video or trailer in other words, we wont be concentrating entirely on the scene being shown We will be curious about the reaction So, we watch some scenes and then we also quickly notice the reviewer to see his reaction. 

And we are always curious about what would be the reaction of the reviewer on a particular scene So, if your video creates a new value over the original content in this case, youtube shall not give you a strike.

But things related to copyrights are not straightforward. It will be on the discretion of youtube team.

If the owner of the original video proves that the video uploaded by someone else has caused decrease in views for the owner or he has to face a monetary loss.

In that case youtube may request you to delete the video OR the owner may end up giving a successful strike. 

But in most cases, the owners always get advantages from reviewers because they will have a fan following of their own People watch reaction videos more than the trailer itself For this reason in most cases, the film production companies will not put a strike on such videos. 

 ➨ So, what do you do if there is a copyright strike on your channel?

If its a claim obviously you want be doing anything. you will have to let go off your monetary benefit.

So, when you actually thought that a music can be free. but but it was not free. there are complex situations like this.. And if there is a copyright strike.

Firstly, get in touch with the copyright owner and request him to remove the strike. 

He may have some demand, including that of money...! If you feel that he deserves it you may fulfil it, get written permission from him and use the song. However, if he is adamant and do not want the song to be used, then kindly delete the song And thereafter be very careful to use any music which do not belong to you..!

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