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Realme 6 Review - Good And Bad things that I've noticed !

Realme 6 Review - Good And Bad things that I've noticed !

In this Post let's do the full review of this Realme 6. which is sort of a mid-range Android phone by realme and initially when it was launched it was for 13,000 thousand now the price is increased to 14,000 thousand because of the GST.

Now using this for almost two weeks so I'll give you my overview about this what I feel is good about this and what are some of the cons that I have Noticed with this device.

Realme 6 Specifications  

If you look at the spec sheet as you can see the specs are very good on this one.

It's having a 6.5 inch screen with that 90 HZ refresh rate which is generally not found in this range.

Also it has the powerful MediaTek Helio G90T SOC.

And a 64 megapixel rear facing camera. 

So on paper actually specs look very good and in fact it also has a 30 watt fast charging and you get
that very fast Watt charger in the Box.

The Specs are very good but what about the real world performance let's talk that about that. 

Good things that I've noticed 

The first thing that I noticed is the screen its IPS great screen and the quality of the screen is actually good as you can see the viewing angles are nice obviously because it's an IPS grade screen and the big thing is that yes it now has that option of 90HZ display as you can see screen refresh rate.

Navigation and stuff is very easy just do this for going back and in fact I like the fat black if you have the if you hold it like this if you just go like this it goes to the previous half. 

Even in this full navigation mode it is very fluid in operations thanks to the processor that is used also are coming one thing is that this I should have put in minor cons it has auto brightness sensor and for the most part I would say the auto brightness sensor works well but I feel the maximum level of brightness is slightly on the lower side because yes I Understand it's summer outdoors I went it was visible but in direct sunlight even if max brightness you know slightly difficult to view I had to just angle it up and down so that is something that I have noticed. 

Overall I would say it's nice and yes it's having a 6.5 inch screen so yes it's on the slightly bigger side but I feel most of the users prefer that and it's a full HD screen so in terms of what do you say screen quality I don't have a problem. 

Realme 6 Fingerprint Scanner 

If you notice the fingerprint scanner is here on the side like many of the new phones even some of the Xiaomi mid-range phones are doing that and I have to say it is very very fast and you don't have to press it it's actually a button you just tap in at it unlock.

And this is working very very well. so you will get used to this so no issues in terms of the fingerprint Scanner. 

Realme 6 Ads Issue

Many of you have asked me about the ADS situation with this one because real me has also said that they'll be putting out ads about the moment I got the phone I made this change and after that now it's almost two weeks I haven't seen any ads on this one so you have to go to the settings and strangely here in the additional settings you have to go this is the get recommendation this will be switched on by default you have to switch this off.I switch that off and I did not see any ads.

Realme 6 RAM management

RAM management is good it's not very aggressive and it is fluid and I feel that is due to the processor  that is used the MediaTek G90T is actually a very powerful SOC and that's why I actually did not notice any lag.

Realme 6 Battery Life

Also now if we talk about the battery life on this one the good thing is that this comes with a 30 watt.

fast charger so charge very very quickly if you're not normal user where you charge it around let's say.

18 to 20 percent within an hour it will charge fully 100% and the battery is 4300 mAh.

I would say first sort of a casual user you can easily get about one and a half days worth of battery life with the SOT about 7-8 hours but if you're sort of a heavy user then also it should suffice for a typical full day with about 6 And a half hours.

So in terms of battery life I have no problems and I'm happy that they have given the 30 watt fast charger in the box itself.

Realme 6 Camera

Now let's talk about the camera on this one the big highlight about this one is that yes it has that quad camera set up most of the phones have that but the main camera is supposed to be that sixty four megapixel then we have  that ultra wide and there 2 megapixel four others depth and other stuff and front-facing 16 megapixel. and I would say the camera performance is okay but  if you were expecting to be blown away because of that sixty four megapixel that's not the case.

But I feel but don't get your hopes too high because it's artificial and some of the low lighting conditions you've got to be careful otherwise it can be a little bit shaky.

Camera performance is actually good but again don't have your expectations too high I would say.

In fact if I have to compare it with another smartphone with a 64 megapixel camera the poco x2 is a rear-facing camera I would say was better but needless to say considering the price point if you are on a very tight budget the camera does its job but again don't get your hopes too high I would say.

Realme 6 Gaming Performance

I would say the call quality is actually good on this one I did not have any problem in terms of the earpiece  quality so that's good and people also never complain that I was sounding muffled or something like that so looks like the microphone is also nice.but again the speaker is adequately loud. 

Moving to gaming performance I know many of you were asking about gaming but guys I'll be very frank I just do not do a lot of gaming so I just played Call of Duty for about 15 odd minutes and it played fine without any issues.

I just notice that the back was getting slightly warm but that's the normal case
so again if you want to know about extended gaming people who play more than one
One Hour and Two Hour continuously check others but in my limited test of gaming I found no issues with this device yes the back get slightly wrong but that's the normal thing that we noticed with most smartphones.


let's move to the concept there's a very flaky or cons that I have noticed.

And this is one of the biggest call that I've noticed with this device and that is the proximity sensor on this one whenever I was taking the calls most of the time I would say 50% of this time the screen used to just light up and you know what happens when it does that all the toggles get toggled on and off like that so this was happening quite a bit and this is very strange.

Another small thing is that this phone simply does not have any physical LED notification light so that is also something you want to note.

Also the general performance because of the MediaTek G90T chipset was good and it's also good for gaming the battery life that I got was also actually very good and the 30 what charger does make a difference.

The only big Con I would say on this device would be that what do you say that proximity sensor issue that I encountered almost about 50% of the time and I'm happy to say that right now this real me UI is not showing up ads on you but I hope that situation stays like that anyways guys that's it for now for the review of this realme 6.

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