How to Use Google Scholar 2020 - Easy Guide

How to Use Google Scholar 2020 - Easy Guide

Hello Everyone, Today i am going to discuss about Google Scholar. This is the website of google scholar. Here i search any construct name Supervisor support, organizational commitment. Yeah. When you search any keyword using google scholar it will give you papers present in the google scholar database. 

I am getting 1,27,000 results for this keyword. Blue color is title of the paper and below the title of the paper you will find a green colour section. In green color section is divided into four parts. first one is author, second is the journal name, third is year, and fourth is the website of the journal.

And if i click on this paper, it will take me to the full paper of the paper. And i am going back. In bracket it is mentioned PDF, that's why it is taking me directly to the PDF.

If you don't have any pdf file available for the paper here, on the right side there is no option for pdf, this paper is not available for free. You have to go to the journal website and from there you have to access the full paper. If it is available there otherwise if you select on the pdf, then it will take you to purchase the paper. This is how we access the paper.

Below the paper title and the information of the paper, there are 5 to 6 options available first of all save option. If i click this save, it will automatically ask me to sign in. Once i sign in, this will enable the option for save. Now i am selecting this star. It is now dark. Similarly i select this one. Again it is saved to your library.

Where to find these saved papers? that is click on my library option and i am getting the papers which i have saved. And i go back. If i remove some of the saved papers, then i will not find these three papers. I will find some other papers which i have saved earlier. 

Here If i select the double quotation option, This google scholar will give you by default 5 different styles of citations. If i want to copy the reference of APA style, then i will select this and copy and then i will paste it into my document. 

Below this, you will find some more options available. These are nothing but the reference management tools bibtex, endnote, refman and refworks. If imclick on endnote, this will ask me to save the file somewhere in my pc. Once i save the file in my pc and when i access endnote, i will get the citation added into my endnote library. 

I am going to explain that is cited by. Cited by is citations of this paper. when i open cited by then it will give me the 19 results , 19 citations of this paper. Related articles. These are simply the articles which are having some kind of similarity of this paper. 

If some paper is not having pdf file available na, suppose this papers pdf file is not available. Then you can check for all versions. If possible you may get full paper in any one of the version. Because all version is nothing but the paper is located in different websites. okay. This is about all versions. 

If we click on double arrow, this is cached, it will show you the view on html, this html is nothing but the, this is how google scholar has searched based on your keywords. I am going back now. And i am going to explain what is the advanced search in google scholar. 

Click on these three lines and goto advanced search. In advanced search you will find an option called with all words by default it will search with these all words. To make it specific, i can remove this and type here exact phrase. And then search again. 

Then it will give me only 11 results. Because i am searching only the exact phrase of this keywords and other option is at least one word. okay. Return the articles authored by, you can type the author name and search based on the author. Similarly year. This is about advanced search.

Finally i am going to show you how to see authors and as well as how to create our google scholar profile. 

I want to create my own profile. Now i select this. I have to select the name and i have to select the affiliation email for verification and then my areas of interest and in home page my website or my affiliation website. 

Once i select next, It will show me your email address at your institution. because this is my personal email id. If i don't have any institutional email id, then i have to make this blank. 

Similarly if i don't have website, i have to make it blank. And i select next. It will show the papers based on my name. see all the papers are hiteshkumar only. Until or unless you select any of the paper related to your research, you cannot go next. 

This is where some people might have stuck. So, select any of the authors articles, select the author which is having less articles. I am selecting this author and i am selecting next. After this, It will ask me to update and i am selecting to make my profile public. and done. 

After this your google profile is created. But these papers are not your papers. To just to create google profile you have used some authors name to enter into this google profile. So i have to select all the titles and delete. Now I don't have any papers so my profile seems empty. 

Until you add your email id as per your university or organization database, your search results is not visible to others. And you can add your photo. And if you want to add articles which is not present in google scholar, add articles manually here, give title, author journal volume, publisher.

That is this alert. You can add an extension in google scholar goto google scholar extension and it will take you to google scholar extension button. If you add the extension here, then it will appear here. From here i can select and i can cite directly from here or if you want to go to full website, select this. It will take you again to the google scholar website only. ok. This is how we add extension. This is It. I hope this Article will be helpful for you. Thank you.

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