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How To Use Snapchat - Step By Step Guide For Beginners 2020

In this Article, we're going to show you how to use Snap chat. 

Let's talk about what Snap chat actually is:

Now, I'm not a Snap chat expert, myself but as far as I understand, Snap chat is a camera, according to them, but really, it's more of a social media platform that all of the kids these days are using to talk to each other. 

So, the kids are not using Facebook, cause all of the adults got on Facebook, so they're like, we're not using this anymore. 

It's the cool thing that the kids use. It's a really nice social media platform. 

  • It's used more than texting.
  • You can talk to all of your friends. 
  • You can talk to people around the world on it, so, it's a really good platform. 
  • All right, so, let's actually just dial on in. 

How To Use Snapchat - Step By Step Guide For Beginners 2020

🔰 How To Install Snap chat: 

➧ First thing we're going to do is show you how to install the app on your iPhone. 

➧ First thing you'll do is open up the app store. And just type in Snap chat right into the search bar. 

➧ If this is the first time you've downloaded the app, it'll say get. 

➧ We've installed the app before, so it's the the cloud with an arrow. Just tap on that. 

➧ You may need to enter your Apple ID password, we don't have to. 

➧ And then after the status bar is finished, it'll show up on the home screen. 

➧ All right, the app is installed. Go ahead and tap on the Snap chat icon there. 

🔰 How TO Create an account On Snapchat.

➧ Tap the blue sign up button. 

➧ And you're going to get some notifications here about things you might want to turn on. 

➧ Do you want Snap chat to send you notifications, you know, when someone sends you a snap? 

➧ Probably. - So, you hit okay. - Tap allow. 

So, Enter your name And All Details Here. 

After That, tap continue when you got that set. Next thing here is create your username. 

Snap chat will recommend one to you, you can also change the username by tapping change my username. 

Let's go ahead and do that.

You need to keep in mind is that once you choose your username, you can't change it ever. So, pick one that you really like.

All right, we picked our username. A little bit of a complicated process but, you know, take some time cause you can't change it. 

So, now you're ready, tap continue. And enter a password, select a password. This is what you'll use to sign into your account. 

🔰 Snapchat Contact Permission: 

➧ We did it, we got into the app. All right, so, find a friend. See which of your contacts are on Snap chat, continue. So, what this is going to do, don't tap anything yet. 

➧ This is going to ask if Snap chat wants to access your contacts so it can actually link up people who already are on Snap chat.

➧ I typically don't give my contacts to apps but if you want to quickly find people on Snap chat, this would be a way to do it.

➧ I did it and it was actually pretty useful for me. 

➧ Snap chat is one of those apps you can probably trust with your camera, your microphone, 

➧ Your contacts. I wouldn't worry too much about it here. - Tap continue. - Continue.

🔰 Allow Camera And Microphone Permission In Snapchat: - 

➧ All right, next thing here, Snap chat would like to access your camera. 

➧ You want to turn this on, otherwise, you can't send pictures and videos. 

➧ So, you're going to tap okay. There we are. 

➧ Next thing, Snap chat would like to access the microphone when you're recording a video, you probably want to have your voice in the video, sometimes we want to give Snap chat access to our microphone.

🔰 How To Send A Snap? 

➧ So, first thing's first, let's talk about the basics of sending a snap or a picture. 

➧ So, all you have to do to send the snap is you press the center button, take a cool picture, Snap chat would like to access your location. 

➧ Here we go, Snap chat would like to access your location. Why would Snap chat want our location? 

➧ Well, I would say it's for features like filter search, Snap Map advertising, and more. 

So, for now we're going to allow it. 

➧ The Snap Map is probably the best reason, I think. 

➧ And we also recommend allow while using app, that way anytime you open the app.

➧ You don't have to confirm it every single time. 

It'll just happen automatically. We're going to tap allow while using app.

🔰 Add Effects In Your picture: 

➨ So, Now here you can decorate your snap. It looks like there's text, emojis, you can crop it, you can do all sorts of stuff. 

➨ Let's say we want to send that. It looks good. Here you go, so here's your list of friends you can send your snaps to. 

🔰 What are the stories In Snapchat?: - 

➧ Stories, so, your story, your friends can view it, they can see like what you're doing on Snap chat. 

➧ You can put pictures onto there, put videos, it's a really good asset. And you can submit to our story, which is a public story and based on your location on the Snap Map, anybody can view it by looking at the Snap Map and clicking on your location. 

➧ So, the Snap Map, just to back up, is a map of where all your friends are, all the time? 

➧ So, this is a feature that you can turn on and off, we'll talk about how to do that later. Because it could be a privacy issue. 

➧ On other Phone My Snap will stay on the screen as long as, as long as you don't click on it. And once you click on it, it disappears. 

So, if I tap on it, it's gone. Forever. 

➧ So, this is one of the reasons why, I think, kids us this app is they think that they can send things to their friends that may contain certain images or things that they don't want to stick around in their phones forever and then it creates this sort of privacy. 

➧ Like Instant Messenger used to be where we close the window, everything would just go away forever. 

But the thing to be careful of with Snap chat is that things don't actually go away forever, right?

➧ There's people can save your snaps, they can screenshot them. So, you have to be careful with what you send because people can still view them, and keep them, and save them, and possibly use them against you in the future. 

➧ And when you do screenshot and screen record, it does show up in the chat. 

So, you can see that David Lynch is screen recording by just opening the snap. 

So, that shows that he has saved your snap. 

🔰 How To Use Color Filters In Snapchat? 

➨ Filters are one of thebest features of Snapchat. 

➧ So, with filters, basic filters, you can just slide from left to right or right to left and it shows different filters that you can use. And there's many different filters that are available. 

➧ For more filters, like face filters, what you do is you hold down on it. And when you're about to take the picture, before you take it, you hold down on your face. 

Also You can use this screen to message your friends, you can send pictures from your camera roll on here. And from there, that is the way to save pictures.

🔰 What are these heat maps In Snapchat? 

➨ So, the heat maps are the public stories, you can zoom in on a heat map, like for example, Paris and when you zoom in, you see the concentrated places of people with public stories and if you click on one of the heat zones, you can see snaps in that area. 

➧ Tap to skip a snap, press and hold to send to a friend, pull down to exit. 

➧ So, if you were to share your snap on the public snap timeline? I forget what it was called. And Snap chat goes and approves when you put things onto Our Story, so you have to make sure it's appropriate and you don't use profanity. 

🔰 What Is Snap chat Memories: - 

Let's go back to the main Snap screen, so what are we going to do? 

➧ Tap on the back button in the top, left corner. - What if you swipe up? 

➧ So, if you swipe up, it shows your memories and your memories are when you save pictures and Snapsterpieces to Snap chat. 

It shows in your memories and from here you can also access your camera roll. 

➧ You can see your snaps and you can swipe and see your camera roll. 

➧ It's like what actually acts as the camera roll you do have to give Snap chat access to your photos. 

➧ So, My Eyes Only is like a virtual cloud that you can add snaps to, you can add pictures and videos, and from there, there's a password on it so only you can view it if you have the password. 

🔰 How to Save Snap In Snapchat App? 

➧ Let's talk about how to save our snaps/pictures. 

And one of the things I love about Snapchat is really that it is an awesome camera. 

➧ I can see after we've come this far why they call it a camera app, not just a social media app.

➧ Yeah, so, to save a snap, you would take a picture and from there you would hit in the bottom left corner the save button. 

And from here, you can save it to either to your memories or your memories and camera roll. 

So, you can have that option. We'll save it to our memories. - That's a great idea and save space in your phone.

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