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WP Smush : A Great Image Compression Plugin For Wordpress 2020

WP Smush : A Great Image Compression Plugin For Wordpress 2020

In this Article I'm going to show you use WP Smush for image compression. The plugins changed a bit and this is an update but I'm gonna show you to compress the images on your site using this great plugin which is great for SEO. because your page loads faster and the image is a smaller size without losing quality. 

WP Smush: Installation

To Install WP smush and start compressing Images we first have to install it. 

So we go to plugins and then add new and we search for WP Smush.

What we want is this first one right here 1 million active installs over 1 million 5 out of 5 stars on 3600 reviews that's a great review Rating.

It's always safe to back up your database and your site files before you install any new plugins when you're ready click on Install Now then click on activate now.  

We're presented with a quick setup for WP smush and stick with quick it is it's very quick only three options. 

So you can choose to automatically smush or compress images on upload which is one I always use always have that on. 

WP Smush : Preserve My Image EXIF Data

You can choose to preserve your EXIF data which is data that the camera puts on to an image depending what kind of camera.

You have unless you are a photographer any that's that information you probably don't need it that's why would by default this is off most websites would not need this if you don't know what exif data is I can almost guarantee you don't need it. 

So keep that off that allows less information to be saved on the image making the image smaller.

WP Smush : Resize Images

You can choose to resize the full-size images what that means is if you upload a very big image it's automatically shrunk down to a size that you specify if you turn this on you can specify the height and the width of that full-sized image.

You uploaded and the original full-size image is then gone. 

Whereas normally when you upload WordPress preserves the full size and then it will make different smaller sizes of that image to put in different places. like the blog role when you have a thumbnail that appears and I have a thumbnail image of the full-size one.

It doesn't present the full size image in that thumbnail because that would increase load times WordPress actually creates a smaller image of that. either way WordPress normally keeps the full size image here you can choose not to if you don't want to.

 I'm going to keep these settings at default and click on get started.

Now that we have this settings set every image we upload is going to be automatically compressed which is awesome. 

You will then be shown in a message here how many images you have on your site that are not yet compressed in my case I have 56 if I click on box mush. I can compress 50 of them with each click.

WP Smush :  Free Version Vs Pro Version

If you want to compress all of your images with one click you get the pro version the pro version also compresses a little bit more it says here two times better compression for the pro version. 

I have used the pro version in the past it's great but it's also unnecessary the the free version compresses really well. so you don't only need the pro one you get it if you like but you don't really mean it.  

If you have a million images clicking for every 50 is going to be real pain but most sites have so few images that you could have your four-year-old do this just keep clicking this button until we've compressed all the images we're going to do that in just a minute

If we scroll down a bit we see those settings we had a moment ago the automatic smush on upload we can choose which images and which post type images to compress in this case we choose all of them and you should choose all them here you can turn exif on again remove full-size on again or resize full size on again 

WP Smush : Directory To Compress  

You can choose a directory to compress so for example some sites have an IMG directory and that's where the uploader images instead of using media uploads you can choose that directory by clicking here and then you choose the directory and then you can compress all the images within that directory. 

There's Advanced Settings for the pro version down here super Smosh that's that 2x extra smashing that I talked about there's a bunch of other settings that are nice but they're not really necessary what's really necessary is just doing some kind of compression which the free plugin does.

WP Smush:  Other Plugin

WP Dev they have a lot of these little superhero icons for you to the different plugins it's a very useful plugin set but it is fairly expensive think it's like $50 a month for those plugins whereas you were able to get the same functionality using various free plugins so it's not really necessary.

WP Smush:  Bulk Smush

I'm gonna click on bulk mush to start compressing these 50 images or I'll see how long it takes and once this is done we're gonna have some statistics over here and then we can also recheck images at any point to recheck them and see if there are more images to compress.

Compression is complete, we see some stats or some information all over the page actually we're going to go over all of it. the first thing you probably notice is this says 434 images smushed instead of the 50 that.

I said was the limit well there's a bit of conflict in terms here when you upload one image to WordPress WordPress makes a bunch of different copies in smaller formats like I said earlier and all of those count as that one initial upload. 

So they call that one first upload the attachment that's the original image and then all of the images created from that will also be compressed because they are considered part of that one attachment.

And that's why we have 45 attachments less than our 50 target and 434 images smushed and this means that there are about 10 images per image uploaded.

So WordPress makes nine more for each one approximately Our total savings are just over half a megabyte 3.7% it says here with pro we could save over double that of course.

I want to say the pro version so if you want more than double the savings go for it. If you want to use something like Photoshop to compress your images beforehand and not need this plugin click card above got a tutorial.

For that for you there and over here it says that WP Smush: 1 GB Limitation: there's more stuff in pro because they're gonna try to sell you the pro and something it didn't say for the limit or for limitations on the free plugin is that one megabyte or larger images will be skipped in this case we had one that was one megabyte over one megabyte and it was skipped and so that one will will not be compressed with the free version now we can go ahead and recheck images. 

Now we have a message up here saying you have images that still need smashing box mush now you can click on that to continue smashing the other images.

I'm gonna do that right actually is one more thing I want to show you if we head into the media library really quick and look at one of these images and I don't know why it says here thanks for upgrading so it didn't upgrade. 

So this one right here hasn't been compressed yet it's within the one megabyte file size limit you can click on smush now to compress it and now it's going to be smashing this image and it should be really quick compared to the longer time it took to compress 434 images this should be a lot faster it's done already this is eight images reduce the size by 3.4 percent.

Which is better than nothing right the pro version says it'll do double so if you need double go for if you got a lot of images it might be worthwhile but for most sites the free version is more than good enough and you can go in and manually smush these you can smush them using the the Box musher that we're using just a minute ago to find the box musher you can go to media and then WP smush and also we have it set to automatically smush everything we upload 

So in the future it'll be totally hands-off the compression will just happen as we upload things which makes life a lot easier

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