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OnePlus Nord Review with Pro and Cons |

OnePlus Nord Review with Pro and Cons 

OnePlus Nord Review with Pro and Cons 

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In this Article let's See the full review of this OnePlus Nord the new mid-range android smartphone by OnePlus.

And like usual guys i'll divide this Article between Pros and Cons. What do i like so that you can make an informed decision if this smartphone is the right smartphone for you or not. 

OnePlus Nord will come in variants

  1. 6GB + 64GB (Rs 24,999) 
  2. 8GB + 128GB (Rs 27,999) 
  3. 12GB + 256GB (Rs 29,999)

OnePlus Nord Specification / Specs:

  • Front Camera 32MP + 8MP
  • Rear Camera 48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP
  • 6.44 inches 90HZ HDR10+ Fluid AMOLED Screen
  • Glass front & Back (Gorilla Glass 5) Plastic frame
  • Android 10, OxygenOS 10.5.4
  • Snapdragon 765G (7 nm)
  • Battery 4115mAh battery Fast charging 30W


So let's break it down with the Pros and Cons. first let's talk about the good things that i noticed with this device.


OnePlus Nord Pros 


OnePlus Nord Phone Weight:

First thing that i noticed about this device is the weight balance, in the hand it feels actually comfortable to hold So it's not the lightest phone guys it's actually having a 184 grams so i thought it would be heavy but the Weight balance has been done fell on this Smartphone.


OnePlus Nord Display:

Also though it's having that 6.4 inch screen i feel this is a comfortable size not very big like 6.6 inch so again easy to use.


OnePlus Nord General Things That i Experience: 

Now in terms of general performance also the general performance was actually really good thanks to the Snapdragon 765 SOC, this is very similar to the 730 which is a good chipset as you can see and again it handles everything you throw on the smartphone fine so you don't have to worry about performance. daily usage and stuff like that no lags or anything that i noticed. 


OnePlus Nord Oxyegen OS: 

And the biggest advantage that we have with of any OnePlus device is oxygen OS so we are still getting that oxygen os on this one and it is fluid to run no issues. 

Again i like that they don't put a lot of bloatware or junk apps also. so that's what we have so that's not a problem on this phone.

So and in fact i got actually two OTA updates during the time frame of my testing of this smartphone. 


OnePlus Nord Call Quality:

Now moving to the call quality here in hyderabad i tested this one with Airtel as well as jio i mostly using the dual sim mode.

And i have to say in terms of network reception i would say the network reception on this smartphone was good. Even in my office where i have low connectivity i could take calls so that was not an issue.  


OnePlus Nord In Display Fingerprint Scanner: 

We do have that in display fingerprint scanner and generally OnePlus puts good in display fingerprint scanners. so that's the same case even with this one i never had an issue with the fingerprint scanner.


OnePlus Nord Fast Charging Experience:

Moving to another thing that i liked is that, we always know that OnePlus supplies that fast charging earlier used to Dash charger now they call it Wrap you get still that 30 watt per wrap charger and it charges this device very quickly. 

But i was surprised that and i'm happy that if you don't use that oneplus charger also, if you use some other charges like qualcomm quick chargers then also it charges fairly rapidly. that was the problem with some of the earlier OnePlus devices. 

If you didn't use the OnePlus charges they used to charge very very slowly that's not the case so if you forget that dash charger or that wrap charger you can charge it with some other charges and then also it charges pretty rapidly so that's actually a good thing.

OnePlus Nord Battery life Experiece:

Now moving to uh another thing is regarding the battery as we are talking about that it has a 4150 mAh battery and i have to say the battery life that i was getting on the smartphone is actually good let me divide into scenarios. 

If you're sort of a casual user you're not a very heavy user it can go almost about two days worth of battery life. i didn't really use the phone heavily because i was testing some laptops and this day we got almost over two days worth of battery life.

And if you even sort of a heavy user then also it should give you battery life over 24 hours so the battery life is good. 


OnePlus Nord Cons


OnePlus Nord Camera Experience:

Now moving to the camera here oh my god i have to divide it between good bad and the ugly. The good is that if you look at the back OnePlus always claim this is a quad camera sensor and they're standing the 48 MP is the same as found on the regular OnePlus 8.

In fact i feel the camera quality is not as good as OnePlus 8. but if we talk about the regular camera 48 MP in regular conditions that's outdoors it does a decent job, but when we move to indoor conditions i feel the camera is very weak even the second camera that is ultra wide outdoors it is sort of okay.

But indoors it struggles quite a bit so definitely i would say in terms of camera performance if you are expecting a lot you might be disappointed. I also compared it with the poco x2 took some random samples definitely the poco had way better camera performance.  

I'm talking about the main camera not even the others. so again in camera it's hit or miss outdoors when you have ample lighting yes you can get some decent shots but if you just move indoor and the lighting conditions fall down a little bit then the camera struggles quite a bit on this one. 

This is the ugly part what i noticed is that if you notice we have other two cameras also. the third one is that 5MP for depth that bokeh effect and all this and lastly we have a 2MP for macro again i would say the macro lens that 2MP is simply not that good so don't even bother about it.  

But what i'm Really disappointed is the 5MP depth camera for example if you go to the portrait mode it will say depth effect and it this will actually become green if i move out a little bit it will happen and yeah as you can see this works and you might be assuming that. 


OnePlus Nord 3.5mm Jack Removed:

Now another thing that i do not like is that this phone simply does not have any 3.5 mm headphone jack so that is something that really bugs me out. 

It does not have a stereo speaker setup not this headphone jack and they don't even bundle a dongle in the box so again beware of that you might have to invest a little bit extra on bluetooth headsets. 


OnePlus Nord Screen Issue In Dark Room:

Many of you have tweeted me about this one and this happens when you keep the brightness at zero and in completely night situations there is that clean blotchiness that many of you have said.

I tried that guys in a pitch dark room and open the chrome browser and yes you can see that screen deformity issue but again guys in my normal usage i did not notice this is so when i was just using it normally.

So i think so that's the extreme case situation if you are using this smartphone at completely night without any light source and using at minimum brightness then you might notice some blotchiness but in regular usage i did not notice that.  



So guys, these were the pros and cons of this smartphone certainly i would say this is a pretty good smart it's not a bad smartphone.

But again i won't say this is also the ideal mid-range smartphone considering the camera performance that we saw that depth camera is fake and some of the other issues that i've highlighted so i would say the big plus point of the smartphone is that oxygen os that you are getting still because of that it is a very fluid smartphone. 

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